Keyless Car Door Lock System

Are you familiar with keyless door locking system? A keyless door locking system is actually controlled by a remote. The remote is an electronic device that is powered with batteries.

Today, this type of security system is already being used on cars. The remote of a keyless car entry system sends a radio signal to a device installed in the door of a car and thus the car door responds accordingly.

For more on keyless car lock system, watch the video below:


Basic Padlock Terminology

There are many other considerations when choosing a padlock such as its size, shackle size, what the body of the padlock and its shackle are made up and what type of lock cylinder does the padlock has. But before that, you should first understand the parts and the terms used when describing padlocks.

This video discusses about the basic padlock terminologies you should know so that you will be able to understand all the considerations when choosing a padlock. Watch the video here:


How to Fix Frozen Door Locks

In the winter, whether you have been living in a cold climate for some time, or you have recently moved to one, you will find that one problematic experience that you have to deal with a frozen car lock.

When water gets into the keyhole of your car, you will find that it can create a block of ice, which results in you being unable to open up your car.

When this problem happens, you can just simple follow some easy steps on how to get rid of this frozen door lock. Watch the video below:


Car Locksmith Tips: How to Replace a Broken Car Handle

There are times that your car handle gets broken and you cannot get in to your car anymore. In this situation, what will you do? Will you immediately call a professional locksmith service provider?

In this video, we will show you how to replace broken car handle. This video can help you save some cash and more importantly, you will gain new knowledge about replacing your car lock. Watch the video below:


How to Fight Against Bicycle Theft

Thousands and thousands of bicycles get stolen annually all around the world. The incidents of their theft are caused by the increase in the popularity of bikes. Therefore, every bicycle owner should consider their need for a good bicycle lock for security.

In this video, we will show you some tips on how to properly protect your bike from thieves using the U-lock. Watch the video below:


Biometric Safes Analysis

What are biometric safes? Are they reliable?  To start with, let us first define what biometric is. Actually, biometric translates to biological measurement. Unlike from a regular safe, a biometric safe has a lock that opens by means of some biological measurements such as iris, fingerprints, etc.

However, not all biometric safes are considered to be reliable. Included in this blog post is a video which will give you some important tips on how to choose the best biometric safe for you. You can watch the video here:



What Locksmiths Really Do

To be a successful locksmith, you need to be a patient person. That is because locks are made up of a number of small parts. They must be handled with care, and they must be assembled and reassembled in order for them to work effectively.

Furthermore, locksmiths need to be equipped with mechanical aptitude or his ability to use proper tools. However, do you know what exactly locksmiths do aside from dealing with locks and keys? To learn more about locksmith job description, watch the video below: